Salı, Nisan 17, 2012

3,14159 . . . gitti gider.

Altın elma, en güzele??

"Einstein’s concept of spherical space, furthermore, suffers from the same defect as the concept of a smoothly or perfectly spherical earth: it rests upon the use of the irrational number, π. This number has no operational definition; there is no place on any engineer’s scale to which one can point and say “This is exactly π,” although these scales are misleadingly marked with such a spot. π, in fact, can never be found in the real world, and there are historical and archeological reasons to believe it was created by a Greek mathematician under the influence of the mind-warping hallucinogenic mushroom Amanita muscaria. It is pure surrealism. You cannot write π as a real number; you can only approximate it, as 3.1417 … etc. Chemistry knows no such units: three atoms of an element may combine with four atoms of another element, but you will never find π atoms combining with anything. Quantum physics reveals that an electron may jump three units or four units, but it will not jump π units. Nor is π necessary to geometry, as is sometimes claimed; R. Buckminster Fuller has created an entire geometric system, at least as reliable as that of the ancient Greek dope fiends, in which π does not appear at all. Space, then, may be slanted or kiltered in various ways, but it cannot be smoothly spherical …"

Nurlu Yüzlüler Üçlemesi, Altın Elma.

Merak ettiğiniz hususları en yakın Efendibillah Hazretleri ile iştişare edebilirsiniz. Etmeye de bilirsiniz. Siz bilirsiniz. Lakin sizin bildiğiniz bildiğiniz midir? Yoksa bilmediğiniz midir? Sorun Efendibillah Hazretlerine. Ama sakın kıssalarına aklınız kaymasın. Siz keçiboynuzu tüketin. Zihin açar.

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