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Mordor'un yolları taştan

Pazartesi öykülerin harmanlanması, metinlerin değiştirilmesi üzerine yazmıştım. io9'da Yüzüklerin Efendisi'nin farklı yazarlar tarafından yazılsaydı neye benzeyeceğine dair bir bağlantı buldum. En detaylısı ve uzunu, çok da normal olarak Ayn Rand için olanı. Aşağıda bağlantıları ve bir kaç örnek var. Bir kısmı pek eğlenceli :)

Lord of the Rings, by Ian Fleming

Aragorn placed his hand on the cool, ivory hilt of his 6.38 Anduril sword, half-holding it in as casual manner as possible. His eyes swept the room of the Prancing Pony, eyeing up the potential threats. He took out his pipe, made from the warmed heartwood of a mature oak. In the palm of his left hand, he unwrapped his leather tobacco pouch filled, as he preferred, with Gondorian Silk Cut. Aragorn preferred it to the harsher, stronger Numenorian blend...

Yes, Dark Lord, by Lynn & Jay

"Ah, Lord Sauron. I have here the draft of your speech to the Nazgul Committee on Running Water."

"Still waters run deep, Sir Grishnakh?"

"Er, with respect, Dark Lord, if waters are still, then they can't run at all, deep or shallow."

"Thank you, Bernard. Where would we be without you. What's the gist of my speech?"

"Essentially, Lord Sauron, that the policy of the Dark Lord Administration is to avoid having a policy, and that the absence of a policy does not betoken a lack of policy, but a policy of policy limitation, limiting policy intiatives to initial policy outlines, without precluding disparate policy intiatives within the policy outlines."


"You'll tell them they can do what they like, Lord Sauron."....

Lord of the Rings, by Oscar Wilde

"He bested me in a riddle contest."

"A riddle contest?"

"It was so. And he cheated."

"To cheat in a riddle contest is a riddle in itself, and is therefore not cheating, but just another riddle."

"He cheated and asked me what he had in his pockets."

"He picked and pocketed a pretty prize, performing perfidious behaviour. How very noble, so like our own Lords and Masters"....

Lord of the Rings, by George Lucas

"Did you ever wonder who your father was, Frodo?"

"Uncle Bilbo was my father, Obi Gan Dalf."

"Your Uncle is a fine man, but he is not your father. Your father was a fine warrior and a great captain, strong in the Force. He was called Sarumann the Wise, and he was a good friend."

"Was? Is he dead?"

"He is no more. It is your destiny to avenge his death, young Baggins."

Lord of the Rings, by Ayn Rand

When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was a great stir in Hobbiton. Friends and relations gathered to pay tribute to this brave individualist. Bilbo was rich and therefore a good person, having gained wealth from a mysterious journey many years before. But the party-goers’ thoughts were occupied with a different mystery, one that had nothing to do with the source of Bilbo’s wealth. There was another question on the lips of the Tooks, the Sackville-Bagginses, the Brandybucks. And that question was this—


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